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my favorite team of 3 makes an appearance again sourdough, avocado & crispy fried eggs! to make the eggs crispy, let the oil heat up on the pan for about 10-15 secs before cracking the egg in. i toasted the sourdough slices, added 1/2 mashed avo on each slice and placed fried eggs on top – drizzled w/ nutritional yeast sauce (ya, i’m obsessed ‍♀️), red pep flakes, pepper, an accidental paprika overdose & sprinkle of hemp seeds. post-workout breakfasts always make me so dang happy. i got in a early (7am) morning HIIT workout and I FEEL GOOD! it was so hard and bittersweet to leave my job last night but i had to since i’ve got amazing things to look forward to! the more i think about it, the more i want to keep working in the field of eating disorders definitely in my top 3 to specialize in for the future now i’m going to take some time for reflection & journaling on everything i’ve learned and what i should look forward to! HAPPY FRIDAY ✌ . . . . #winniesbalance #bfastwithwinnie #allfoodsfit #balancedeatingrealfood #wholefoods #foodblogger #rd2be #buzzfeedfood #realfood #intuitiveeating

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sea bass is my favorite type of fish along with salmon! i ordered the broccolini, sea bass & sweet potato all from @milkandeggscom (WINNIE20 for $20 off a minimum $40 order) baked sea bass: avocado oil, sea salt, pepper, oregano & red pep flakes – baked at 425F for 20 minutes! roasted sweet potato wedges: tossed in coconut oil & sprinkled with cinnamon. baked at 425F for 25 mins! served w/ steamed broccolini, quinoa brown rice mix & nutritional yeast sauce! also, served w/ a side of @healthade pink lady apple kombucha now i’m fueled up before i head off to work in a bit! . . . . #winniesbalance #milkandeggs #balancedeatingrealfood #treetotable #allfoodsfit #foodblogger #rd2be #intuitiveeating #wholefoods #realfood

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i promise, there’s a slice of french brioche bread under all this! the bread was moist, buttery & sightly sweet – from trader joe’s topped w/ mashed avo, a fried egg, microgreens, red pepper flakes, black pepper, hemp seeds & nutritional yeast drizzle to give it the PERF touch since i’ve been getting many questions about the nutritional yeast sauce – here’s the recipe! mix together 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp nutritional yeast, 1/2 cup water, salt and garlic powder to taste. that’s it! easy you can also add in paprika for a kick of spice or tahini for a kick flavor! post-leg workout and a substantial breakfast was calling for me. i also had a fruit salad & some coffee with this! alright, i’m out the house to run a few last minute errands because i’m just such a great procrastinator ‍♀️✌ haha, HAPPY FRIDAY! . . . . #winniesbalance #bfastwithwinnie #feedfeed #balancedeatingrealfood #wholefoods #foodblogger #rd2be #realfood #intuitiveeating #allfoodsfit

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creamy coconut yogurt oat bowls packed with probiotics, complex carbs, protein, natural sugar & GOOD fats oats cooked in coconut almond milk, vanilla extract & coconut vanilla peptides! bowled w/ banana, frozen strawberries, figs, shaved brazil nut, creamy almond butter + a chocolate collagen energy ball. the recipe for the balls are on my blog! last night was a blast i always enjoy live music especially when they’re songs i love! i just finished a @soulcycle class now i’m sipping on a DTLA blend of @stumptowncoffee ☕️ friday morning is going pretty well i plan to get up my SF travel + food blog up today!! then i’m off to SAN DIEGO for my friends bachelorette HAPPY FRIDAY!! . . . . #winniesbalance #bfastwithwinnie #foodblogger #allfoodsfit #rd2be #balancedeatingrealfood #realfood #wholefoods

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