Da li si sasvim siguran u svoju seksualnost? Onako baš sto posto si strejt? Ili možda pomalo gej? Ili bi? Ili nešto treće?

Pa, pogledaj malo Ruby Rose?




MTV zvezda…



i ponekad DJ.






Road trippin New Mexico Albuquerque to Santa Fe then home tomorrow to La!


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Glumi i u Orange is the New Black






All I need in my life you see, is me and my girlfriends @acmoore9 and @whododatlikedat


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Mora da si već malo zbunjen






Sick in bed with these babes. Back on U.S soil finally catching up on all the latest! Love this cover! So so sick.


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Da li je jako slatka devojka?

Ili vrlo lep tip?




Bonnie And Clyde to Madrid ~> Calpe! @faircloth_supply


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Ali dopada ti se sigurno.




An amazing group of friends of @faircloth_supply and mine are @sloaneandtate .. When I was devastated Calvin whoever chose Justin to be their new model my dreams were shattered ( not really I’m about 5038 gym sessions from that ) but I went looking for a brand of more androgynous but well made and comfortable women’s lingerie. You either gets men’s underwear and end up with a whole section in the front you don’t need ( suppose that depends on your mood ) that isn’t flattering, or you get the girls version which is pink and small and not as sexy… Then I found Sloane and Tate. Found out they were super cool LA chicks with an ethically made range of men’s wear inspired under garments. First I made friends with them, then I raided there showroom… So no this isn’t an ad it’s an appreciation post to a brand who makes what many brands don’t bother doing. Love you girls.. Also I can’t believe I’m posting a picture of myself in lingerie I love you gals xo


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I šta to sada znači?




Just thinking.. Bout stuff.. Do you like stuff?


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Zbunjen si?




The un-blurry version


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Evo još jedne sličice, možda ti bude jasnije. 




Sweet dreams NYC … LA TOMORROW… Xo


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Očekuješ zaključak? Razrešenje misterije? Olakšanje?





Tatts on tatts


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Ovog puta te ostavljamo bez odgovora. Čisto da još malo maštaš o Ruby… 


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